There are over 75,000 students, staff, and faculty at the University of British Columbia (UBC) – but simply being at UBC doesn’t create a connection to campus. As members of the UBC community for over seven years, my project group and I found that slowly learning the ins & outs of campus life made us experts at taking advantage of all UBC has to offer. Not just the best places to study and how to find answers to our administrative questions, but also the histories and campus lore that bring the school to life. By feeling like we had the knowledge of campus insiders, UBC became our campus.

To help everyone become campus insiders like us, myself and two teammates designed StickIt – a GPS-enabled mobile phone application for location based notes. StickIt would allow users to post and pick up virtual notes around campus, and would introduce users cover topics such as campus history, places to study, events, etc through pictures, text and video.

We first developed StickIt as a Human-Computer Interaction class project, where we researched the idea, created prototypes, and conducted an usability study to investigate methods of navigation between notes.

We took the project further when we submitted it to the UBC Digital*U competition, in which we were finalists (top 5 submissions).

Methods and Tools
usability testing
statistical analysis

paper prototypes
lo-fi balsamiq mockups
clickable prototypes of app navigation

Examples of the work created for this project
1st – storyboard